McMenamins in McMinnville and Forest Grove, Oregon – July 2019

My fulltime-RVer friend Eileen and her two doggy-companions (Trax and Sally) came to visit for a long weekend in July. Being incredibly organized is a defining characteristic that Eileen and I share, so these visits are usually completely planned well in advance. But due in large part to me being way too busy this year, we played this… Read More »

Looking for a Good Book? Recommended Fiction.

I started this blog post in the form of a journal nearly 30 years ago. Later it became a web page, and then in 2015 I added it to this blog. I come back to edit this list from time to time (and update the publish date each time). This is my list of recommended fiction, sorted by… Read More »

Can we reduce business travel?

I travel a lot for business. In 2008 it was mostly just one trip per year, in 2016 it was three, and in 2018 it was up to thirteen. While some of this travel is to visit family or to attend concerts, most is to attend large meetings that span much of a week. This seems like a… Read More »

Brussels & Einstein on the Beach – June 2019

My brother and I enjoy seeing interesting or notable performances of the music of Philip Glass. Having learned of an unusual new performance of the music of Einstein on the Beach, we knew we had to make a brief trip to Brussels from our homes in Portland, Oregon, USA to attend. This would be our fifth time traveling… Read More »

My Disappointment in Trump Supporters

I no longer have any patience for anyone who supports Trump. I’ve come to the point that if someone supports Trump, then they are either deeply misguided and uninformed, they are cruel, or they are just plain stupid. I would dearly love someone to talk me out of this.

Little Moments

This little pink paper crane — no doubt made from a Post-It, was given to me by an Uber driver about a year ago. His father had just died, and we spent the long drive from the airport talking about death and life and everything in between. We arrived at my house long before either one of us… Read More »

Heroes and Artists

I don’t agree with the heroization of entertainers, athletes, lucky survivors, and the strong-willed handicapped. If you’ve scored a bunch of touchdowns, performed in a great film, survived a devastating attack, or managed to walk despite the odds: that’s super! It’s fantastic, and in many cases it is even downright inspiring. But that does’t make you a hero.… Read More »


Many people have the ember of a creative spark in them. This ember rarely is given a chance to catch and grow into a flame…

Why I Blog

On a spring day about a year ago, after urging another particularly eloquent friend to not give up on his blog, I realized that I hadn’t really answered for myself that question of why I keep a blog. Why do I write, and in particular why this blog? I’ve been mulling over this for over a year now, and here’s my answer: This blog is my legacy.

It Matters.

The world witnessed weekly and sometimes daily revelations of assault and rape in the #MeToo-drenched 2018, culminating in the horrific Kavanaugh hearing. During this disturbing time, I too often heard people shrug these stories away. Even if they believed them, they didn’t see the importance.

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Interstitial Music on NPR

Have you ever heard an NPR feed that has little or no local stuff added to it? It is awesome! There are little nuggets of nice little interesting or heart-warming mini-stories, and also an eclectic mix of gorgeous instrumental music: some classical, some, blues, jazz, funky, or whatever. These musical interludes are perfectly programmed interstitials between the stories,… Read More »

What’s in a name?

All through my adulthood, my name has nagged at me. It’s a nice name, but am I using it only because I was ordered to? It’s pretty, but is it mine? Is it really me?

Star Trek: TNG in One Week

A number of years ago I watched through the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation show for the nth time, this time taking notes. I concluded that, like  many shows, there are some excellent episodes, a few stinkers, and a lot of merely adequate in between.

Yokohama, Japan – March 2019

Travel days: Thursday and Friday, Feb 28 and March 1 As most of my trips do, my travels began with an Uber ride to the Portland international Airport (PDX), which I write more about here. This was a notably wonderful ride. It was during full-on rush hour, so the Uber driver, having carefully studied the Portland back routes,… Read More »