New York City & Akhnaten – December 2019

Early in 2019 I purchased tickets for me and my brother, Tim, to attend Philip Glass’ Akhnaten in New York in December. I saw this opera a few years earlier in Los Angeles, but it was the last of Philip Glass’ Trilogy that Tim still needed to see, so of course I had to see it again.

Blog categories

Most blogs contain posts which are discrete stories or articles that, while they might share common topics, are intended to be read on their own, not as part of a linear progression. For these blogs, unless you have set up some order, the posts are in an unstructured row that your users can either read linearly or search… Read More »

Voting For Everyone’s Benefit

When voting, the calculation everyone seems to make is: “Will this make my life better?” I think that’s a problem. Yes, I want my vote to make my life better. But I also want it to make your life better, and his, and her’s, and their’s. Sometimes to make everyone’s life better, it means that it won’t be… Read More »

Traveling with a pillow

I recently watched the film Up in the Air, in which George Clooney’s seasoned traveller character, Ryan, bullies Anna Kendrick’s newbie character to switch to smaller, better-wheeled luggage at the airport. As she is on the floor in a corner of the airport, transferring the contents of one suitcase into another, we see that she has taken up… Read More »

Dave’s No-Fat/Low-Gas Refried Beans

We’re all used to opening a can when we want refried beans at home — but once you have tasted how delicious this is from scratch you’ll never go back! Full disclosure: I didn’t take a picture of Dave’s beans, but, well, they look pretty much just like this picture from Wikimedia Commons.

Denver, Colorado – November 2019

I travel to a US city every November to set up and manage a booth for one or more of my clients at the Supercomputing trade show. This huge show, which I have been going to since 2008, is held in the week prior to the week of [US] Thanksgiving every year, moving between a small handful of… Read More »

Welcome to PDX

If you are traveling to NW Oregon or SW Washington, you’ll be flying into the Portland International Airport: PDX. It has frequently been voted the “best US airport,” and whenever I travel, I always plan on at least one extra hour just to hang out at the airport — it’s that nice.   The carpet Portlanders are *fiercely*… Read More »

The Hague – September 2019

I spent a week in The Hague in mid-September for client meetings. This was such an enjoyable trip. I was at a hotel next to the main train station (Den Haag Centraal), by the edge of Koekamp park, and a not-too-long walk from the heart of the historic city with many beautiful things to see.

Dave’s Roasted Carrot Soup

Rich and a just little sweet, this soup is perfect any time of year with a salad or on its own. Ingredients Homemade chicken stock Onion Garlic Carrots Tomato paste Salt, Basil, Ginger, Marjoram, Oregano Brown sugar Lemon juice Apple cider vinegar Salt Butter Directions If you don’t have homemade chicken stock and you don’t want to take… Read More »

Spam, Petitions, and Facebook Shares

I try to be somewhat tolerant and kind in my life, but I flat-out hate spammers and boycott businesses that spam. I fight a monumental daily battle against spam and other unwanted emails — it wastes about 10-30 minutes of my day every day (depending on if I start messing with my email rules).   What about petitions… Read More »

Searching for a New DAM

I’m searching for a good digital asset manager (DAM), which is a tool for organizing and sorting images. There are few things as frustrating as knowing I have a particular image and not being able to find it. 

On luggage and packing

If I travel four times in one year, that is a very light year. in 2019 I had 13 trips that involved getting on a plane, and in 2018 I had 7. While I hope not to repeat that 2019 schedule again, let’s just say this: I travel a lot. After your first half-dozen flights, you tend to… Read More »

San Diego & Disneyland – August 2019

It had been ages since I’d visited my good friends in San Diego. Although I had a massively busy travel schedule this year, I had a window in August and quite a few airline miles to use, so I booked a ticket for a long weekend visit.

San Francisco & Hamilton – August 2019

I lucked out recently. My brother and his wife had arranged to see Hamilton in San Francisco with a Bay-area friend. When that friend announced that he was not going to be able to join them, his loss was my gain, as my brother generously offered me the ticket along with a plane ticket and hotel stay for… Read More »