Hi, I’m Kathleen

By | January 30, 2021

Welcome to my blog. You can see the categories of my posts in the menu on this page, or choose a key-word from the cloud of words on the right. I love to write. I travel a lot [pre-pandemic], I love to take and share photos, and I’m opinionated. I also thought this would be a good place to share my partner Dave’s hand-crafted recipes.

I try to keep work-stuff out of this blog as much as possible, even though most of my travel is work-related. For my work stuff, you can visit the website for the business Dave and I run: Miller & Mattson. There are two more blogs there, as well as information about how to contact me.

I know that future historians won’t be discussing my writings and that it will mainly just be friends and family who will read this blog. But blog, I must.

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