Supernaturalism in Art

rothkoRedEspecially if you do not hold a religious view, art that depends on magic, religion, and spirituality can sometimes lead to eye rolling. Even as an atheist living in a culture steeped in Christianity, I like to keep myself open to the value of introspection and awe.

Whether the art we encounter is in a book, film, television show, music, painting, or other form: how does the non-spiritual person navigate art in this society? We do it by remembering that art is, as is all beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

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Philosophy Matters

philosophyI think it is important that people carve out head space in their mental lives to ponder questions of existence and meaning. It’s what gives us depth and puts us in touch with a reserve of somethingness/nothingness that can be very powerful. Some people use religion to tap into that energy, some people are the victims of religion as they are shielded from the ability to tap into it, and some people just stay the hell away from the religious stuff to venture out on their own.

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