A Tale of Three Headsets

headsetEvery morning, the first thing I do after I get dressed is I put on my bluetooth headset. Rather then the Borgesque ear-dongle, I use a headset that goes around my neck, then only put the earbuds in when I get a call or want to listen to music (or white noise).

I wear it all day, and frankly, I look like a complete dork. But until I can get an interface implant directly installed in my brain, it’s the next best thing. :)

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Supernaturalism in Art

rothkoRedEspecially if you do not hold a religious view, art that depends on magic, religion, and spirituality can lead to eye rolling. I like to keep myself open to the value of introspection and awe, however I am an atheist living in a culture steeped in Christianity.

Whether the art we encounter is in a book, film, tv show, music, painting, or other form: how does the non-spiritual person navigate art in this society? By remembering that art, as is all beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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Outlook for Mac: So Close!

Outlook-iconI spend most of my working day reading, writing, sending, and managing email — so the tool I use must be as efficient as possible. When I was on Windows, I was an Outlook power-user. I really came to hate Windows back then so switched over to Mac. I loved everything about my new Mac experience… except I missed Outlook.

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Integrated Streaming Video List?


I stream all my video media: TV shows and films. I use Plex to access my ~550-title library, and I have maybe another 100+ (and growing) titles that I purchased on Amazon. But when I browse through my library of titles, they are segregated into Plex and Amazon clients. I wish I could browse a single library of ALL the media I own!  (Yes, I am completely aware that this is very much a “first world problem.”)

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Set Up a Media Streaming System

plexLogoYears ago I built a damned impressive collection of VHS video tapes… and then I junked the whole thing to move to DVDs. (When I think of the money I’ve sunk into this obsession, it is frankly a bit embarrassing!) By the time that BluRay came out, my collection had grown to over 500 movies and a bunch of TV shows. But luckily, by then I’d been bitten by the media-streaming bug. I mean, why get off the couch to fetch a disc to watch a film, when you could just pick up your remote control and have your film streamed to you?

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Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing

LeonardI love the writings of Elmore Leonard. Not familiar with his work? Did you like the TV show Justified? How about the films Jackie Brown, Bandits, or Get Shorty? All are based on the work of Elmore Leonard.

He published an extremely short book, Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, which I can distill down to just this simple list (but buy the book — it’s delightful!)

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Why I love the ACA

Whenever someone talks about wanting to disband the ACA (which some call ObamaCare), it sets my teeth on edge.

Like many other Americans, if it wasn’t for the ACA, I am literally uninsurable unless I go through my own corporation because of pre-existingconditions. Getting insured this way unfairly increases my costs, and frankly this isn’t an option for many other potentially uninsurable Americans out there. The ACA means that I do not have to jump through that hoop.

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Philosophy Matters

philosophyI think it is important that people carve out head space in their mental lives to ponder questions of existence and meaning. It’s what gives us depth and puts us in touch with a reserve of somethingness/nothingness that can be very powerful. Some people use religion to tap into that energy, some people are the victims of religion as they are shielded from the ability to tap into it, and some people just stay the hell away from the religious stuff to venture out on their own.

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