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Hi, I’m Kathleen

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Lessons from the un-blanket

Several years ago—at least four, if not more—I decided to knit a large double-knit blanket. Partly I’m only writing up this blog post so I have a place to commemorate this work. But also, I’m sure there’s a moral to this story somewhere.

Merry Xmas, Happy Lothersday!

Christmas? Hanukkah? Xmas? I say the holiday season in December is whatever you want to make it. So why not make it something for everyone? For me, it’s Lothersday!

Part 5: You bought a wetland?!

With a deed to our new land in hand, you’d think that we’d be frantically completing the many, many steps toward building our new home. Instead, we are in standby mode.

Just Say Something

If someone in your life ever takes the time to send you an email, then you should bother to reply, even if it is only to acknowledge receipt of their message.

Part 4: The house plan

The Lot Prep journey will take at least four months, most likely many more. While all of that slowly moves forward, Dave and I are working out exactly what house to build.

Part 3: Buying land in Long Beach

We didn’t put our plans on hold, but we switched into a more passive gear: we put ourselves onto several mailing lists, and kept a very critical eye on the results.

The finances of freelancing

Being a work-from-home freelancer has many benefits, but it’s likely that many freelancers haven’t stopped to add up what their flexible mode of working actually costs them.

On being self-employed

There are good things and bad things about working for yourself as a freelancer, but it’s definitely my preferred way to work. In this post I will list some of the pros and cons of being self-employed and working from home.


I’ve decided the term mansplaining needs to lose the gender reference. Yes, men do it, but women do it too: So it’s not mansplaining, it’s just splaining.

Responding to a homophobe

Among the good things that I listed in my recent Good News in 2020 post, legislation was passed in some areas here and there that will help protect people who otherwise were at risk to be denied employment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Laws such as this are often touted as a victory for people… Read More »

Comparing Five Note-taking Tools

In the mid 1990s, after years of carrying around a Daytimer, I entered all my notes into my Palm Pilot. A few years later I moved all my notes into OneNote, and in 2012 I moved everything into Evernote. I detailed this journey along with some Evernote pointers in my blog post, Evernote is Awesome. I spent many… Read More »

Darkness, and then sunlight

Once upon a time, on an otherwise beautiful day in mid-March as people in one hemisphere were starting their days and those in the other were readying for bed, an event occurred that affected the entire solar system.

Part 2: Building in Ilwaco?

Now that we’d narrowed down the location to the Long Beach peninsula, we focused on a lot that was in the same neighborhood as my brother’s home in Ilwaco.

Breaking up with a Client

I’ve been self-employed for much of my career. This was an on-again off-again arrangement earlier on, but has been my permanent situation for about fifteen years now and will be forever more. I’ve written before about the realities of being self-employed, such as the hit to your taxes, health costs, and more. But another important thing to consider… Read More »